Juke Box 1 The 45’s

Press Play: My never ending Juke Box, carrying a lifetimes worth of tunes. The Year: 1971 I turned 18 in the April of this year. So, young free and single. By the end of the year that will all change as I fall head over heels in love as only a teenager can do. This... Continue Reading →

The Brass Lamp

Set List: Chas M. Solid Soul...... 10pm - 11pm Wilson Picket. Land of a 1'000 dances Temptations.  Get Ready Garnet Mimms. Looking for you Archie Bell & the Drells. There's gonna be a Showdown Sam & Dave. Hold on I'm coming Stevie Wonder. Uptight Showstoppers. Ain't nothing but a House party Barkays. Soul finger Arthur... Continue Reading →

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