The ‘Live’ experience ( 69 to 71) Part 1

 At 18, I have now well and truly moved away from just listening to the radio and records with my mates! Attending ‘concerts’ at schools or local halls with essentially wannabe bands, usually playing Motown/Soul covers was, well, at the time good!
This is now serious(rock) business!
By January 71, I had already obtained  suitable ‘gig’ experience to accompany the aforementioned long(er) hair!
Notably, starting in early 1969 Savoy Brown. (known back then as the Savoy Brown Blues Band) Kim Simmonds was, still is, the guitar powerhouse, and founder member of the band.
With Kim and the band, I had my first guitar led, jaw dropping moment!!
Savoy Brown, released an album, ‘Witchy Feelin’ in August 2017. Which by my reckoning is around some 30+ albums, both studio and live that you could have a listen to. I have bookmarked their 1985 ‘Live in Central Park’
They are still playing live, they were in Germany March of this year, playing dates in Canada later in the year. Not bad going for a ‘Blues Band’ who started life in the mid 60’s.
As a snapshot of the band from the time that I caught up with them in 69, well worth a listen is ‘Train to Nowhere’ with their charismatic front man Chris Youlden on vocals.” Tell Mama” another great track if memory serves.
Moving on from Savoy Brown, later that same year the next  live gig wow moment for me, was again guitar only this time combined with a terrific (soulful) voice. “Ladies and gentleman please welcome on stage, Terry Reid”
(The story that Terry was approached by Jimmy Page to front and sing with a band he was putting together after leaving the Yardbirds has been so well documented there isn’t anything more I can add, aside from the fact you can easily see why Page asked him….)
To get a ‘feel’ for what I saw and heard back in 69, take a listen toTerry’s “Without Expression” taken from his first album ‘Bang Bang you’re Terry Reid. Released in 1968 (Horrendous title, this is the 60’s remember)
The album starts with ‘Bang Bang’ which was a hit for Cher, of Sonny and Cher in 66.
This eponymous debut album was produced by Mickie Most, a record producer of some considerable note in the 60’s. Working with artists such as Donovan, Lulu and bands such as the Animals, Herman’s Hermits, later on Hot Chocolate and Suzi Quatro.
Without Expression was written by Terry when he was a teenager! This performance was recorded in 1973
It seems that if you worked with Mickie Most, it was his way, or the highway. Mr Most saw Terry as a Soulful singer of ballads. Successful as Mickie was, Terry didn’t. That and other issues led eventually to a huge falling out and a parting of the ways.
The second album that Terry Reid released is regarded by many as one of his finest! This track Superlungs my Supergirl (written by Donovan) taken from that album earned him a nickname that has stayed. The performance here, recorded in 1969 was pretty much how I remembered him. The complete rock/soul package, guys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be ‘with’ him.
Much like Savoy Brown, Terry Reid has a new album out “Terry Reid Live in London”
He too is also touring, In June he hits New York….. You just can’t keep good bands down!
Meanwhile, back at the end of the 1960’s I’m now on my way into Manchester to see Jethro Tull.

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  1. I remember seeing Steely Dan at the Palace (I think!) after their second record – two drummers and Jeff Baxter, Donald Fagen described them then as a ‘big noisy band’, and around about the same time the Warner Brothers roadshow – one bill, three bands Little Feat, Montrose and Tower of Power, and later Al Jarreau and Ry Cooder……and right up to date Richard Thompson at The Sage Gateshead last year. Live!!!

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