Worth Sharing

"Music is a beautiful language, one that anyone with a beating heart can understand, no matter where they're from. We need to share that; it's one of the only things that defies the boundaries humans love to erect" Mick Fleetwood & Anthony Bozza PLAY ON Now, Then & Fleetwood Mac. The Autobiography.

The ‘Live’ experience ( 69 to 71) Part 1

 At 18, I have now well and truly moved away from just listening to the radio and records with my mates! Attending 'concerts' at schools or local halls with essentially wannabe bands, usually playing Motown/Soul covers was, well, at the time good! This is now serious(rock) business! By January 71, I had already obtained  suitable... Continue Reading →

The Brass Lamp 1

Set List: Chas M 10pm - 12pm Faithless. God is a DJ. Robert Miles. Children. Snap. Rhythm is a Dancer.  Yarbrough and Peoples. Don't stop the Music. Will Downing. A Love Supreme. Omar. There's Nothing Like This. !!! 70's Flashback!  The Four Tops. Still Waters (Love).  The Stylistics. Hey girl come and get it! Sylvia.... Continue Reading →

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