The Brass Lamp Story.


Land of a 1000 Dances.

It is the late 60’s, we queue, pay at the door and get ‘The Brass Lamp’ written in Old English stamped on our hands.
The ‘club’ is unlicensed which is just as well, as we are all still at school. Alcohol while unavailable for obvious reasons, is also completely surplus to requirement. The music that we all listened to on those nights is intoxicating enough!!
If memory serves, the idea for, and the setting up of the Brass Lamp was down to Head Boy of the school that I attended. I still have my membership card  (member No 163) from the last year (1969) that I visited the club. In truth, it was a church hall with the lights turned off and the stage lit up. What it lacked in sophistication, it more than made up for with electricity. Teenagers remember!!
Tamla Motown, Stax and Atlantic records at this time (mid to late 60’s) were all at the top of their game and  also at the top of DJ’s set-lists. Also in the mix, a class selection of ‘pop’ dance tunes.
To hear those tunes at volume!!
Fast forward to the mid 70’s. Disco is at its height. We are now in the ‘city’, and are frequent visitors to the various ‘themed’ clubs that have opened across town, Some  it has to be said, a little more ‘upmarket’ than others.
Even so, each club had its own loyal members who turned up, sometimes 2-3 times a week. I know, I was one of them!
However, for the purpose of this blog!
Now completely updated with a state of the art light and sound system.
The (virtual) club that we will be attending is, and was always going to be……..
The Brass Lamp.
We will revisit those classic soul /dance tunes.
Along with guest DJ’s who will bring the more contemporary musical styles that came along later, as the “Lamp’ reignites!

Welcome to the Brass Lamp.

Check the ‘Lamp’….. for the ‘Tunes’
If you wish to play a ‘set’ at the Lamp. let me know.
Image courtesy of Pixaby



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