The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

 If we take the title literally, The Journey Begins should start in 1953.
Born, I’m immensely proud to say, in the great city of Manchester  in the North West of England
For sure Radio and ‘Gramophone’ records were playing at home when I arrived in the April of 53.
By the summer of ’55’  there was tsunami of musical change, I have been riding those waves ever since.
So “One, two, three o’clock four o’clock rock…..
I do have very distinct memories of hearing ‘Rock around the Clock!!! I was hooked!
So for the the first 10-11 years on the planet I loved what became known as ‘pop’ music. Soaking it all up like a sponge.
If you consider by 1963-64, groups such as the Beatles, Beach Boys the Rolling Stones were pretty much household names. Plus, labels such as Tamla Motown, Stax and Atlantic who were all spearheading Soul and R&B.
There was however, so, so much more tremendous music than just the big names that could be heard on National Radio. TV was also now showcasing music in a big way.
Juke Box Jury on the BBC had started back in 1959.
In answer to that show, Thank your Lucky Stars was launched on ITV in 1961.
That in turn was followed up by Ready Steady Go in August 1963, broadcast Friday evenings with the opening line,  “The weekend starts here”.
Presenter Cathy McGowan!!!! Where had she been all my (young) life.
The BBC replied in January 1964 with Top of the Pops!
From the school kid, to the present day.
A memorable moment in my life………. There have been a few!
Happy, sad, reflective, proud, loving-raging, spellbound dumbstruck.
I have a track for that!!!
As I sprang, gazelle like into my sixth decade on the planet, I decided to revisit an idea I had some 18 years ago.
Being able to write down thoughts, and memories is not a new idea, diaries have been around considerably longer than I have.
Sharing those thoughts/memories, especially ones that can be triggered by music, ah, now then!
It’s a pastime of mine that has kept recurring.
Starting with radio, listening to my mum’s records, moving on to buying my own 45’s, albums, then tapes, (dodged the 8 track) CD’s and finally embracing Downloads.
Not forgetting visiting clubs, and attending countless gigs, along the way embracing musical theatre. 1969 ‘Hair’ 2018 ‘Hairspray’
So, there are more than a few tracks on my JukeBox.
If you take a brief stroll around, it will, in the coming months, become apparent this is not just an old(er) guy’s stroll down memory lane.
Granted, there may be the odd sections that do fall (some might say plunge) into that category.
 As the blog develops, I’m happy for Ariana Grande to rub shoulders with ZZ Top,
Clean Bandit  with The Walker Brothers.
 The Blog will for the most part cover ‘Popular’ Music in its broadest sense.
The initial choices have all been mine, and are designed to put the framework for the blog in place.
The Jukebox for example, covers my personal musical ‘timeline’, with moments revisited!
The Radio blog will have features on people, individuals, who for one reason or another made an impression or a specific musical genre but will later go on to include ‘tunes’ that I’m currently listening to.
The Brass Lamp will feature various set-lists. and guest DJ’s

“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche.


Images courtesy Pixabay.

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